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The Studio Tower (*excludes shipping & GST)

Product Description
$599.00 $748.00

THE STUDIO TOWER IS A ROTATING UNIT PERFECT FOR EVERY CRAFT ROOM CORNER! READ BELOW TO SEE ITS FABULOUS FEATURES...Take a spin with our Studio tower!  A great way to keep all your favorite craft supplies close at hand and ready to go.  Choose from our black or white models or upgrade to clear totes for even better clearer organization.

Studio Tower cost : AU$ 748.00 with FABRIC Totes

Studio Tower cost : AU$ 948.00 with CLEAR Totes

Prices exclude GST & Shipping

Includes 14 clear totes OR 13 fabric totes. Rotating base, revealing all of your supplies for easy access! Side 1: 15 waterfall shelves that hold 30-100 sheets of paper each (may also be used for patterns, files, magazines, and more!). Side 2: Adjustable vertical shelving is ideal for storing taller items like paint cans, spray glue, and large bottles. You choose how to set this side up! Side 3: Additional built-in fixed shelving with 3 pockets. Side 4:  Adjustable deep storage, housing our fabric or clear tote sets.

 Available In White OR Black.

Clear Totes 10 Large Totes (12 5/8"W x 12 1/2"L x 3"H). 4 Shoebox Totes (5.5"W x 12"L x 4.5"H) with 2 removable dividers each. OR Fabric Totes 2 Deep Storage Totes ( 311mm L x 311mm W x 130mm H). 7 Large Totes ( 311mm L x 311mm W x 76mm H). 4 Shoebox Totes (311mm L x 140mm W x 130mm H).

Dimensions - Please refer to last photo
May take 1-2  hours to assemble.  Instructions included

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