Teresa Collins StudioBox

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The Teresa Collins Studio Box is perfect for any crafter.  It is organized storage for paper, folders, patterns, stamps, paints, pens, etc.  After you are done crafting, you simply close it all up. It becomes beautiful furniture with the elegant Teresa Collin's touch. 

  • 4 frames on StudioBox front doors (install any pattern/color you like in it)
  • 6 acrylic drawers on outside left door
  • water fall shelving with 22 slots (30-60 papers per slot)
  • 10 totes (13"X13" or 330mm x 330mm) - 2 are 5 1/2" or 39mm deep and 8 are 3" or 76mm deep
  • 8 notions totes with adjustable velcro dividers
  • 4 built in pockets for pens
  • felt velcro board
  • 7 zippered velcro totes
  • 2 holes for electrical cords
  • hooks for hanging
  • 8 shelves on door
  • storage below table 
  • folding work table

Assembly Required
It takes about 3-4 hours to assemble with two people. Instructions provided.
*Center Box is NOT on wheels.  The two doors next to the Center Box are on wheels.  **Our Craft furniture with wheels works best on hardwood or tile floors once the Box is filled.  If you choose to have it on carpet, you may need to put a hard flat surface on top of the carpet for easier movement.

 Video (Created 2015)



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