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Workbox Accessories

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ScrapMaBob - The Original ScrapBox

ScrapMaBob (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Our next shipment will be available for delivery end July. The ScrapMaBob is a drink holder & a trash (or snack) bag! Keep your work area mess free and avoid spills! Holds up to 32 oz drink IN ABOVE VIDEO:  The ScrapMaBob Caddy is attached and is an accessory to the ScrapMaBob.  The ScrapMaBob comes with one ring and black bag.

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ScrapMaBox (Price excludes Shipping & GST)

ScrapMaBox (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Description Our ScrapMaBox accessory is your stack-able storage solution. Now you can have your pens, tools, and other small items right at your fingertips! *Art & Craft supplies shown in photos not included Features 1 ScrapMaBox Storage Unit 8 Adjustable Shelves 2 Building Clips to keep multiple units in place Easily store supplies vertic...

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ScrapMaBob Caddy - The Original ScrapBox

ScrapMaBob Caddy (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Our next shipment will be available for delivery end July. The Caddy is an attachment to the ScrapMaBob Caddy Organizer Description: 6 large accessories pouches 10 small accessory pockets 1 spacious center compartment Package Contents: 1 Organizer Caddy 1 Garbage Pouch 1 Steel Ring 1 Steel Clamp Attachment *Does not contain ScrapMaBob/ cup h...

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Door Upgrade Kit (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


From $65.00 $133.00
Door Upgrade Kit (Price excludes Shipping & GST)

Door Upgrade Kit (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


The Door Upgrade Kit fits the Workbox 1.0 velcro doors and our WorkBox 2.0 right door for a finished look. The Door Upgrade Kit will even fit into our now discontinued models of the WorkBox! Easy to install, the Upgrade Kit includes: 7 built-in shelves 6 built-in hooks for assorted tools 3 built-in pockets for pens and tools 7 adjustable acry...

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The WorkBox Crown - The Original ScrapBox

Crown accessory (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Every Queen needs a crown! The WorkBox Crown is an accessory fit for our "queen" of craft storage. Sitting atop the WorkBox, comes our newest crown molding! Featuring a custom fit LED light and electric cord with an on/off switch, our Crown is made in the USA and comes in solid and compressed wood. The Crown is easy to install and fits on all ex...

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Acrylic Paper Shelving 6-pack - The Original ScrapBox

Acrylic Paper Shelving 6-pack (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Our Acrylic Paper Shelving fits perfectly into our 330mm X 330mm spaces. Place pegs and rods in your WorkBox, MiniBox, EZView Desk, or the Teresa Collins StudioBox. Store your paper in a new easy, and colorful way! The clear shelf makes it easy to see your paper.  Each shelf can hold 60-100 pieces of 304mm X 304mm paper.The Acrylic Paper Shelvi...

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White Magnetic Board - The Original ScrapBox

White Magnetic Board (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Our White Magnetic Board set is an accessory for previous and current models of our WorkBox. Decorate the swing doors with this stylish and functional accessory.  Purposefully designed to hold and store die cuts. The White Magnetic Boards can also hold smaller magnets to display your favorite photos!  Features Include: 2 Half-panels White m...

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Spool Holder - The Original ScrapBox

Spool Holder (Price excludes Shipping & GST)


Our spool holder accessory features 32 pegs designed to hold your spools of thread and sewing bobbins! Each row of pegs is secured firmly to a velcro board for easy installation! InstallationRemove spool holder from packaging. Place velcro peg board to the velcro wall located on the inside of the right door in our SewingBox. Load spools and bobb...

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