April 20, 2016

Customer Highlights

We love hearing about your experiences with us and seeing your creations. Have a look at some of the amazing WorkBoxes that have been built by our wonderful customers...
Branka Njegich is a cake decorator and has utilized every spot!
Leanne Bailey loves her new work station and we love what she's done with her WorkBox 2.0!
Karen Gurney knows a thing or two about organization! She loves her new WorkBox 2.0 and we love it too!
Jenny Newling shared her beautiful ScrapBox with us below...
We love how the colours stand out with the use of her Acrylic Paper Shelving on the left
What a great idea to place notice boards on the right felt door! Thanks for sharing, Jenny
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The Original ScrapBox Australia - Facebook
December 10, 2015

First Post

"The Original Scrapbox" is here in Australia & the greater Australasia. "The Original Scrapbox" is synonymous with quality, innovation and continuous improvement. When one thinks of "The Original Scrapbox" the first thing that comes to mind is craft, home and being organised. 

The response, even before going live online, has been overwhelming! THANK YOU!  Our first shipment will be available for delivery in February.  It is recommended that you pre-order to avoid disappointment in not securing your requirements. Product in the first shipment will be reserved for those that have pre-ordered. Thank you for your interest in our furniture!  We will update all of our customers through email and on Facebook when more information is available for the February order. 


We will do all we can, working collaboratively with our customers to meet your vision and deliver exceptional service.Our endeavour is to deliver our quality products at great prices and in a timely way, always striving to maintain customer satisfaction and having a front desk approach when dealing with our customers. 

We pride ourselves on our continued efforts of best quality and customer service, in delivering high quality products and services. 

Our policy is one of continuous improvement based on customer needs and the “Janus Principle”. Janus, the Roman god of new beginnings, was said to have two heads. The one head always looking back reflecting on performance and achievement - the other looking ahead, planning, directing and improving based on lessons learnt.


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